!!Prince of Pandemonium!!

Why is it when its me or my sister you are so quick to point out and tell us our flaws…. yet as soon as we talk about our brothers flaws its met with scorn ……. wow he could murder someone in cold blood and hel still have the sun shining out his ass. I will never be good enough for you will i?

Whats my problem? I dont even wanna talk cause it causes problems. so i stay quiet and still get abused there is no winning with you assholes is there!!!?

how the fuck am i suppost to find a job when ur computer doesnt work (or so you say), and my cv was on it… yet when my brother needed a job u went outta your way and got him one… you know what go fuck yourself…

k i talk tomuch time to do a melinda sordino and stop talking and see if anyone cares enough to be open.

seriously on the verge of slitting my wrists n running through taradale…. im so over u all!!!!!

Im getting sick of being the person all your snarky comment and hurtful ‘jokes’ yeah i get it i never fit the facade of the perfect family you demanded we put on.
but you dont have to constantly remind me of it. so what if your perfect little fairytale didnt end in happily ever after. Im not your target and you can all fuck off if you think il happily sit by and hear how imperfect i am all day i dont give a fuck if its christmas one more snarky comment and you can all get fucked.

I seriously hate you all. Ana is the way i wanna live.

See i cant even tell you my poimt of view on things without being told im wrong… and this is why i dont even express my opinion anymore

I personally fucking hate this place always have and always will. I personally think the only solace il ever have is in death.

Someone come get me out of here before i lobotomise myself with my tail comb.

So over this meaningless existance.

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Do you actually realize i’m not listening….

Ask me a question

That utterly heartbreaking and shit moment the guy i like and have liked for ages starts dating another guy and im like sitting there thinkning i wish youd give me that chance.

I am so over being every single humanbeings doormat i swear im reaching the end of it all i cant take much more crap…..